Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary Recordings of 2003
  1. Roots of Mash (Potatoe 2003)
    Bootleg - Mashups are no new phenomenon: not only is the classic "Norwegian Wood/Mission Impossible Theme" here (Alan Copeland Singers, Grammy 1968, Best Contemporary Pop Performance, Chorus), also the exceedingly rare cult hit "Macbeth's Blues (L. Bernstein)", making use of the fact that blank verse in iambic pentameter meshes perfectly with the standard blues rhythm of, in this case, "St. Louis Blues".
  2. JewWop (Chaiway 2003)
    Doo-wop was derived from this, more primitive street corner klezmer/neopolitan street singing, where errant Yeshiva boys met up with truant altar boys from the catholic school around the corner.
  3. Pride In Progress! (Recycled 2003)
    Not an industrial musical, but a 15 minute Public Service Announcement whitewashing Belox Corporation's massive radium-226 pollution of the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada watershed. Original, upbeat music underscores the distinctly Canadian voice.
  4. Tuning Your Orchestron (Found in a piano bench I bought)
    The Orchestron was a very large mechanical musical instrument, and this helpful recording plays every string, pipe, bar, cymbal, drum, bell, chime and effect clearly and repeatedly. Side two plays Lady of Spain, one rank at a time! Samples a plenty!
  5. Word Bird! (Plantango, 2003)
    Teach your parakeet to speak Hip-Hop and yodel.
  6. I AM BATMAN! (private tape, 2003)
    5-year old Lily O'Day debates gender issues with Billy Parrish, 6 years old.
  7. The Alternate Lyrics Project (2003)
    Great research project turns up dummy lyrics, encore verses, film verses and more for many Broadway hits. Tastefully arranged for piano and sung.
  8. Never A Dull Moment (2002)
    Time-Compressed Hour of audio from a checkout counter at Wal-Mart. Accompanying DVD video shows the security camera screen.
  9. The Minute Minuets (2003)
    70 (70!) minuets composed by aspiring punk and rock bands. All under 60 seconds long.
  10. Punkerella (Popera 2003/1996)
    Cinderella set in a gentrified Loisada squat.
    Cinderella: Maggie Estep
    Fairy Godmother: Guest star Harvey Fierstein.