Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary Recordings of 2001
  1. Drip-Hop
    Hugh LeCaine's classic "Dripsody" and other experimental electronic pieces of the 40s, 50s and 60s reinterpreted by an international roster of turntablists.
  2. Bless You, Too!
    Second found sound collection of sneezing in churches and other religious structures around the world. Not to be confused with the much inferior first album.
  3. Bella's I Hear Music
    Bella - an otherwise anonymous octogenarian - beats out time on the timbales and her still working cat organ.
  4. Blast Furnace
    A pyrophone concert given in an eponymous now decommissioned Bethlehem Steel blast furnace. Actual steel ingot enclosed.
  5. 'S WWWonderful!
    10 of the best "Industrial" show tunes of now defunct dot-coms! Recorded at Internet World 1995-2000. Emphasis cut: "Y2K Tango"
  6. Together We Are Still
    Songs of Solidarity between the sister nations behind the Iron Curtain, cut in 1988 as part of "Hands Binding the Republics" event. "Our Tether Makes Us Stronger" is the good cut here.
  7. Siphon - 7 3/4
    A carefully controlled sequence of tones that slowly massages your head cavities until the internal standing wave in your skull causes your sinuses to unload. This CD is one of a series mastered specifically for each hat size. A must if you've misplaced your neti bowl.
  8. Emo Und Sein Alphorn: Schlage mit Schlag
    Emo Vierfuss plays popular hits on his alphorn. All natural echo!
  9. Congress-oke
    Sampler of MP3's of pop songs covered by carefully editing congressional speeches, backed by cheesy MIDI files.
  10. The Singing Stone
    Songs about geology for children, ca. 1961. Tom Glazer wanna-be Fredo Tanuzzi and his Nuts provide close-harmony humming. Learn about The Ice Age, continental drift, the Badlands etc.