Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary Recordings of 2000
  1. Deposit -Iyama
    A 28 minute live piece that sounds like she's pooping. And what's playing on that radio anyway?
  2. Methane Ring Chorus - Prelude
    Short pieces of decoded DNA, read aloud by "Methane" and his class of 5th graders in some kind of choral reading arrangement.
  3. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My - the Zookeepers
    Not to be outdone by Dave Soldier's Elephant orchestra, The Catskill Game Farm put these animals together and let them go at a lot of exotic and war-hardened percussion instruments.
  4. This Block is Mine - Candida
    Multitracking at its best, one hot summer day Candida put a mic out of each of her apartment's windows (in Little Italy) and put each on a single channel.
  5. Plant Music - BBG
    Another recording trick, this time recording plants growing and playing it back at 256 times original speed.
  6. The Bats sing The Bats - Guano Guano
    A kind of a step away from the Beatle Barkers.
  7. Drone with us! - Edyoga Corp.
    An industrial motivation recording from Edyoga, pushing their sales force onward in their repulsive MLM scheme.
  8. Close but no Banana - Shaved Tones
    Top microtonal group plays an entire side with no pitch higher than 60 Hz, the other side is all within the interval of a minor second.
  9. Bossa Nova 2000 - gli Mozzarelli
    Cheezy Brazilian pastiche from the masters of Italian sun-fun. Japanese Import.
  10. It Begins With A Phone Call - Morris Archives
    A musical based on the life of Morris Rosenberg, Tin Pan Alley hustler and song plugger. Authentic period material done right, with cameos from other contemporaries.