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My 10 Best Lists of
Imaginary Recordings
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Birthday Hollers for Ray and Ada
WFMU Reception Tips from the LCD
The bizarre recording The Naked Carmen

The HTML Internet Audio Synthesizer!
an ancient relic of the Internet's youth!

Here is a colorized Soviet joke from 1971!. Why? Why Not!!

These animations were done with Vapor Paint
Try out the gif-animation: T.anim.gif
or this gif-animated dancing goils

Much More stuff on The Other Home Page
This background picture was drawn by me in Vapor Paint - a kind of tribute to Jim Flora's style of illustration!


Experimental WFMU FEATURES!
Call in to get the Joke of the Day OR "what's playing now" read by a robot.
What's playing today?
Number Type	Number	 
PIN Access	(800) 289-5570 then PIN: 9990024408	 
PIN Access	(407) 386-2174 then PIN: 9990024408	 
Skype VoIP	+99000936 9990024408	 
FWD VoIP	**86919990024408	 
SIP VoIP	sip:9990024408@sip.voxeo.net	

Number Type	Number	 
PIN Access	(800) 289-5570 then PIN: 9990024407	 
PIN Access	(407) 386-2174 then PIN: 9990024407	 
Skype VoIP	+99000936 9990024407
FWD VoIP	**86919990024407
SIP VoIP	sip:9990024478@sip.voxeo.net	

Accuplaylist 9000 RSS feed
This is also a little experimental, but it seems to work!

You really should go to my other home page... or jhhl.net, the other other homepage, but I'll keep some of this old stuff around for those who care.

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