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In My Rowboat: New Somniloquies at Deep Listening Space

The Gallery at Deep Listening Space
75 Broadway, Rondout, Kingston
Sunday, October 2, 2005, 5 PM
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  • Nancy Graham and Henry Lowengard returned to the Deep Listening Space for Ione's 10th annual Dream Festival on October 2, 2005. They presented six new pieces based on Somniloquies.

    somniloquy: n. 1 the act or habit of talking while asleep 2 the words so spoken (Webster's)

    I create the somniloquies by recording my oral reading of a text repeatedly while falling asleep, later editing and transcribing the resulting sound file, in which the text, sleep talk, and periods of breathing intermingle as I journey through the hypnagogic state.
    — ngraham

    Nancy Graham (conception, voice, camera)
    Henry Lowengard (engineering, music, video editing)

  • Program and original text credits:
    Row your boat
    source text: "Row, Row, Row your boat"
    N: voice, H: tenor recorder, audience: sing-along
    These Habitats Have I Known (spoken)
    source text: habitats of Lake Minnewaska
    N: voice; H: digital whip-poor-wills
    Uprooted (video)
    source text: from Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on Forests by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan
    Ferocious Land of the Beasts (spoken)
    source text: a dream of Nancy's
    N: voice, H: hammered dulcimer
    Red Rowboat (i-movie slide show)
    source text: a memory spoken during a somniloquy.
    Red Rowboat Quicktime, 2.6M, 2:44
    my fingers turn (spoken)
    source text: descriptions of a few of Ada's nightmares
    n: voice, H: bowed harmonic zither
    Tender Letters (video)
    source text: from "Ada" by Gertrude Stein
  • Graham, a writer and artist, and Lowengard, a computer programmer, international multimedia artist and composer, moved with their children to Kingston from Brooklyn in 2002.

    Graham's somniloquies and poems often appear in Chronogram, and a short story of hers will be in the upcoming issue of Prima Materia. Her art and writing based on dreams have been featured in the pioneering webzine Word and the comics zine Bloody Wymmin.
    Her website:www.ngram.net

    Lowengard authored the Amiga animation program, Vapor Paint, used for the animations he created with Graham for 2004's Delicious Evening. He has published articles, shown work and made presentations related to Vapor Paint and audio programs he authored at international conferences and galleries. He is active in the free-form radio, microtonal music and homemade instrument communities as a performer, musician and webmaster.

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