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Love Is So Sweet
Love Is So Sweet: A short animated video
© 2005 by Henry Lowengard and Nancy Graham, a/k/a Studio Rayada. 2'10"

Love Is So Sweet celebrates love with animated dances and imagery.

Concept and Storyboard: Nancy Graham
Character and Color Design: Nancy Graham
Animation: Henry Lowengard
Vapor Paint Software: Henry Lowengard
Editing: Henry Lowengard

Vocals: Ada J. Graham Lowengard (age 5) and Nancy Graham
Alto Recorders: Henry Lowengard
Everything Else: Garage Band
  • Graham, a writer and artist, and Lowengard, a computer programmer, international multimedia artist and composer, moved with their children to Kingston from Brooklyn two years ago. Her art and writing have been featured in the pioneering webzine Word and the comics zine Bloody Wymmin.

  • Lowengard authored the Amiga animation program, Vapor Paint, used for the animations he created with Graham for Love Is So Sweet. He has published articles, shown work and made presentations related to Vapor Paint and audio programs he authored at international conferences and galleries. He is active in the free-form radio, microtonal music and homemade instrument communities as a performer, musician and webmaster.

  • Technical notes on what we did to make the animations.

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© 2005 Henry Lowengard.