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Henry Lowengard

photo by Ray L. , Feb, 2009

August 2017

Henry Lowengard is a programmer/developer residing in Kingston NY.

Henry Lowengard has been designing Internet applications and online media since the beginnings of the publicly accessible Internet in 1991. He has been programming since 1969.
He's now writing iPhone and iPad apps, but also has a deep background in designing backends, middleware, and UI in a variety of languages, and also has great experience in maintaining, rethinking, and repairing legacy systems.
He specializes in working with "little languages", graphics, animation, audio/DSP, email, internationalization, custom servers, iPhone Apps, web services, and web site design. He writes in C, C#, Objective C, Java, PHP, Perl, Python and many other languages on Mac OS X, CocoaTouch (iPhone/iPad), Windows .NET, POSIX operating systems, IBM MVS and CMS, and other hardware and operating systems. He also works with his own custom written programs to create 2-D animation and music (visible on this very site).

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