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Front-woman Elizabeth Clark composes music for harp and voice stemming from experiences with prayer, meditation, and dreaming.
The music is orchestrated by the entire Mamalama ensemble:

Rusty Boris on upright bass;

Eric Otner on violin/voice/french horn (Virginia Wolves, St. Marks Consort);

Henry Lowengard on hammered dulcimer/tenor recorder/melodica/glockenspiel/voice (American Festival of Microtonal Music/Loser’s Lounge/iPhone apps like “Droneo”);

Cornelia Logan on cello/voice;

and Annie Roland (of Barely Lace) on voice/tenor mandolin.

“….a stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound that may lull you to a place of peace, if only you allow it.” (Chronogram Magazine)”…A swirling tapestry of ancient and classical textures. I love that (Mamalama) has a truly singular sound, like a musical organism…” (Paul Higgins, WKZE Radio NY)


” The music of Mamalama will reconnect you with the beauty and mystery of the universe…” (Radman X @ WVKR Radio)

“If Rivendell had a house band, Mamalama would be it!” (Elisa Nudelman Winter)

“Mamalama’s music is like walking into a dream….” (fan @The Omega Institute, New York)

“The relationships between all of the different elements in nature — both the natural world and our own inner nature — are very inspiring… along with dreams, meditation and prayer, modern science, physics, mythology. Ancestors, flowers, water, light, wind, birds. And lots more water.

With our music, everything comes together very organically. It is unusually scored, with colorful paintings and descriptions of dynamics, modes, and visual forms rather than long sheets of dictated notes and rhythms.
The music is as much about the individual player and their presence as it is about the notes and rhythms.
What we offer to our audience is very much a true collaboration, and a living, breathing music. ”
says harpist, vocalist, and composer Elizabeth Clark-Jerez.

The sumptuous fruits of this organic alchemy are in verdant abundance on Mamalama’s two albums “Willows and Waves” and, the most recent album “The World of Color and Light”.
Willows and Waves contains bewitching gems like the two radically divergent mixes of the lilting “Sparkle,”
a celebratory ode to the living world around us whose addictive refrain reminds that that “even the grass is listening,” and “Same Room Twice,” a shimmering meditation on universal entropy with glints of Philip Glass.
The title track “The World of Color and Light” and “Flowers and Blood” boast lush classical orchestrations
layered with ethereal choral collages, while “Light from Light” cascades with music-box-like harp and glockenspiel interplay.
The music creates its own realm, and quietly draws the audience inside that atmosphere.

For booking, email list, or general info, contact Elizabeth Clark:

email: mamalama777 at aol dot com

phone: (845) 443-6650