Band Bios

icon-elizabethElizabeth Clark is the harpist/vocalist/songwriter for the band Mamalama.She has been steeped in the music of many different cultures through her world travels and apprenticeships, especially the music of modern and ancient Europe (sacred, medieval, renaissance, Celtic, Greek, Calabrian, classical), the traditional music of Native North and South American indigenous people (Algonquin, Lakota, Inca), West African music, various American pop/folk/roots songwriters, and modern orchestral composers.Her formal studies include music composition at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, and monastic music studies in a “Contemplative Musicianship” through the “Chalice of Repose Project” with Therese Shroeder-Sheker (world-renowned harpist and founder of the Music Thanatology field, i.e. music for the dying). Elizabeth currently composes and performs her music throughout the Northeastern United States. She is also a mother and a music teacher.
icon-henryHenry Lowengard is the dulcimer hammerer, Pianica/Mylodica blower, tenor recorder player, glockenspieler, bamboo clarinetist, and hungarian zither strummer for the band Mamalama.He is mostly known musically as a computer music programmer and performer (RGS, LYR, BITE, Monkey) on Amigas in the 80s and 90s, now on iPhones and related devices with SrutiBox, Droneo, Tondo, synthicity itself and others).
He was also a singer with the Loser’s Lounge and the Empty Orchestra Cafe in NYC, an experimental auto harpist, and performer / composer with the American Festival of Microtonal Music.He’s been playing hammered dulcimer since 1985, tenor recorder since 1973, and recently restored his old hungarian zither (magyar citera) which can be heard in a few Mamalama tracks. His droning iPhone apps are featured in Pauline Oliveros’s “Droniphonia(2009).” More? See, which is hosting this website anyway.
icon-rustyRusty Boris plays upright bass for Mamalama, but also can bee seen playing bass guitar and guitar.Rusty is a skilled improviser and instrumental performer in many styles,
including: blues, rock (classic, old-time, and alternative), jazz (both restricted and free),
funk, reggae, bluegrass, folk, country, new age, and styles are too many adjectives.He has recorded parts on many recording sessions, and also performs live throughout the region with a variety of musicians of acclaim.Rusty has studied at Berklee College of music, School of Contemporary Music, and has a BA from the Evergreen State College
with a major in music composition recording / studio production. 
icon-ericEric Ortner has been performing on the violin for over thirty years. He started studying under the Suzuki method at the age of three. This early relationship with music has created a long-lasting love affair with the violin and all genres and styles of music that has remained with him for the entirety of his life.He started studying violin under the guidance of Margaret Setviet in Buffalo, New York. Mr. Ortner?s education then continued under the supervision of Michael Hobart. He moved to New York?s Hudson Valley region in 2001 and has been performing and recording with various groups and musicians in the region ever since. One of the most prominent ensembles Eric has been affiliated with is St. Marks Consort, with whom Eric Ortner performed for five years. This group has functioned as the house band at the New York Renaissance Fair in various incarnations for the past 25 years. While in St. Marks Consort, Eric was recorded on two CDs released by iWaz music. He was a member of The Hudson River Folk Symphony in 2009 and placed in The Times Herald Record’s 2010 Best of the Hudson Valley for Chamber Music Experience of the year.Eric performs in multiple styles of music including classical, rock, blues, jazz, country and bluegrass. He does not limit himself to violin, but considers himself a specialist in string instruments in general. He has performed and recorded on guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, Baglama Saz (Turkish long neck lute) and Bazouki (Greek long neck lute). He has also studied brass instruments and can play French horn and trumpet. Mr. Ortner?s current musical endeavors are primarily focused on the performance of classical music at weddings and special events.
icon-annieSince the early 1980s, Annie Roland has been performing her original music as well as traditional European ballads and contemporary pieces. She has applied the classical training of her soprano voice into a unique style which is at times trance-like and often ethereal in nature. In an extended partnership with singer Carrie Chapman, she has most often performed as the duo Barely Lace. When in its full incarnation, Barely Lace is blessed with Alan Thompson on percussion and Rusty Boris on bass. Barely Lace is the name of a character in a friend’s dream who resided in a realm between worlds, lending guidance and protection to worthy beings passing through.
icon-corneliaCornelia Logan began playing cello when she was nine years old. She grew up in a creative Waldorf environment,with a musician (piano) father\teacher,where singing and music making together were common place.Cornelia studied music and voice at Emerson College in England, where upon completion of the program the students traveled to sacred sites throughout England and performed in spaces that were designed acoustically to carry sound without amplification.During the early years of mothering there was little time to devote to music, “It is therefore very reaffirming to me that the musicality that was developed in my early years can be accessed anew in my life now. Playing with Mamalama is a dream come true!”