Sedna @ CoSM 2015

Mamalama performs an eclectic style of music which is difficult to define. The band seamlessly melds Renaissance, Anglo-European folk, classical, psychedelica, and world music styles to create a stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound. It all results in an etherial auditory experience which really can not be replicated in a studio environment. Mamalama’s music is organic and improvisational in nature. Although all of the songs have definite form, none of them are ever performed the same way twice making each concert a unique experience.

Mamalama is comprised of Elizabeth Clark on Harp, Piano and Vocals; Henry Lowengard on Hammer Dulcimer, Glockenspiel, Tenor Recorder, Melodica, and Vocals; Rusty Boris on Bass and Vocals; Eric Ortner on Violin, French Horn, and Vocals; Annie Roland on Vocals and Octave Mandolin; Cornelia Logan on Cello and Vocals.

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