Mamalama and Andes Manta at The Widow Jane Mine: Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm!
The ethereal music of Mamalama meets the hauntingly beautiful melodies, rhythms and instruments of the Andes Mountains underground in a cathedral-like space.
A nine-person world music orchestra of harps, 4 foot long pan pipes, choral voices, percussion, charango, rainforest and oceanic sounds, and native flutes, Andes Manta and Mamalama perform originally composed music as well as traditional songs of Native North and South America. Details at The Century House Website

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Thanks for coming out to see us at
  • The Center for Discovery (July 15, 2017),
  • The Old Dutch Church (w/ Andes Manta)(June 24, 2017),
  • Gomen Kudasai (June 11, 2017),
  • Kripalu (May 27, 2017),
  • Opus 40 (w/ Andes Manta)(May 21, 2017),
  • Sadhana Yoga (April 22, 2017),
  • Mettabee Farm (April 8, 2017),
  • CoSM (Jan 13, 2017),

  • The Old Dutch Church (Oct 1, 2016),
  • The Rail Trail Cafe (Sept 25, 2016),
  • Omega Institute (July 23, 2016),
  • Mettabee Farm (July 2, 2016),
  • Old Glenford Church (May 27, 2016),
  • The Rail Trail Cafe (May 15, 2016),
  • Beltane (April 30, 2016),
  • the Hudson Valley Folk Guild show on February 6th, 2016,
Thanks for a great 2016, with a release of 7 new recordings on the album that we made in the Old Dutch Church in Kingston back in September 2015!
We had a great time at the NERFA conference on November 13,14, and 15, 2015! Mamalama was honored to present a Quad showcase as first-timers!

Thanks everyone for coming out to see Mamalama perform at the
O+ festival in Kingston on Sunday October 11th!
Thanks to our Kickstarter fans for helping us get to attend the APAP Global Performing Arts Conference and Marketplace Showcase in NYC, January 9-13, 2015!

Passion of Cloud

Mamalama's "Same Room Twice" is used in the soundtrack of the indie film Manhattan Romance", by Tom O'Brian. Want to buy this song? Click here!

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